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Tennis Instruction

Teaching Pro: Coach Joe Morgan, for questions All players are required to wear proper tennis shoes with non-marking soles, comfortable and appropriate clothing, and bring adequate water. 12 players maximum per class


This class will introduce and review all the basic skills of the game. Grips, footwork, and preparation skills to execute the required skills to play the game will be demonstrated. Ball feeding by the instructor will establish the necessary repetition to develop the player’s performance and understanding for each skill. 6P-7:30P.


This level exposes flaws and weaknesses that for some reason a player continues to exhibit. The coach will challenge players to adopt and learn new habits which should help to reach a better playing level. The temporal ingredient of each stroke will be discussed and drilled over repeatedly. Tasks will be attempted to be kept simple to help eliminate confusion. The drilling ingredient to learning is important so each player can reach a confident mental attitude. 7:30-9:00 P

Session 1: 5/28-6/18 T, Session 2: 7/9-7/30 T, $80/session, 4 lessons per session

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