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Rookie – Coach Pitch Baseball (Ages 5-6)

This program is a great introduction to coach-pitch baseball for young baseball players. The instructional portion of the program utilizes developmentally appropriate drills with modifications and/or progressions designed to help every child improve their baseball skills despite their current abilities. Skills taught will include batting, fielding, throwing, and catching. A modified, non-competitive game will be played each week. As the weeks progress, new aspects of the game/game scenarios will be added to allow children to learn within the game context. Children will be able to use a tee during the game if they are having difficulty hitting a pitched ball. Parent participation is encouraged to allow the program to run smoother. Children should bring their own glove. Located at Parkview Softball Fields.

Tuesdays (Min 10/Max 32):
Spring: 7:15-8:00P, 4/23-5/21, $80

Fridays (Min 10/Max 48):
Spring: 7:15-8:00P, 4/26-5/24, $80
Summer: 7:15-8:00P, 6/7-7/12 (except 7/5), $80

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