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Rookie – T-Ball (Ages 3-4)

Rookie T-Ball is a great introduction to the game of baseball for young children. Using age-appropriate activities, players will be introduced to baseball fundamentals in a fun and supportive atmosphere. Each week the program will include an instructional portion including batting, base running, fielding, throwing, and catching. A modified game will be played each week. Parent participation is strongly encouraged to allow the program to run smoother. Children should bring their own glove. Located at Parkview Softball Fields.

Tuesdays (10 Min/32 Max:):
Spring: 6:15-7:00P, 4/23-5/21, $80

Fridays (10 Min/48 Max):
Spring: 6:15-7:00P, 4/26-5/24, $80
Summer: 6:15-7:00P, 6/7-7/12, $80

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